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Fern, with her long flowing hair and an ample bosom, may appear as the epitome of maturity and dedication. She’s always been there for her friends, especially Frieren, taking on the role of a caring mother figure. But, hidden beneath her responsible exterior, lies a secret side to Fern. In the depths of her heart, she harbors a pervy nature. While diligently studying magic as an apprentice, Fern indulges in her carnal desires behind closed doors. One fateful day, as Fern stumbles upon a lively tavern, she finds herself in the company of an unknown man. Fern and the mysterious man engage in a passionate act known as titty segs or paizuri. As their bodies intertwine, Fern can’t help but let out a slight moan that reverberates throughout the room. The pleasure builds, reaching its peak as the man releases himself upon Fern’s face, marking her with his lovejuice. Fern’s face transforms into an iconic adorable pout.

Title: Fern Paizuri Japanese: Fern Paizuri Type: Movie Status: Complete Episode: 1 Episode Aired: Dec 12, 2023 Studios: KIZU Duration: 2 min. Score: 9.0

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