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Story 1: Our protagonist, found himself immersed in a unique situation. Shinonome-san, the dedicated editor overseeing his work, was known for her serious and kind demeanor, always going above and beyond. However, despite knowing it was inappropriate, MC couldn’t help but harbor increasingly intense and forbidden fantasies about her. One fateful day, as MC sought a moment of release in the bathroom, he found himself caught off guard. Mrs. Shinonome unwittingly walked in, witnessing his lewd state.
Story 2: Shinonome takes on the role of a seductive housewife. Dressed in nothing but a teasing apron, she addresses MC as “Master” and tantalizes him with her barely covered body. The way she teases and entices him is enough to drive anyone wild. As the story unfolds, Shinonome notices MC’s undeniable arousal and seizes the opportunity to indulge in some kinky “marital sex” action. The boundaries between fantasy and reality blur as they explore their deepest desires together. The intensity of their encounters escalates, leaving MC craving more of this thrilling and uninhibited experience.

Title: Fleur The Animation Japanese: フルール THE ANIMATION Type: TV Status: Ongoing Episode: 1 Episode Aired: Jan 26, 2024 Studios: Pink Pineapple Duration: 21 min. Score: 9.0

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