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Aria, an elf who is very cheerful and would get along with anyone, Lulu, a beastman who is a bit shy, at first glance, she’s hard to approach, but actually she’s a kind-hearted sister.
The two seem to be in trouble because there is no way to return to the original world and no place to stay.

“If you don’t have a place to go, come to my house!” says MC without hesitation.
MC asked his mom if she can lend her parents’s house that not used anymore to those big boobies onesan.

The Two of them are very kind !, they took care and “spoiling” mc everyday .

Title: Oneshota The Animation Japanese: おね→ショタ←おね THE ANIMATION Type: TV Status: Complete Episode: 1 Episode Aired: Nov 27, 2020 Studios: Pink Pineapple Duration: 27 min Score: 8.64

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