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Episode 1 : In a quiet corner of the classroom, there was a guy named Eita. He was shy and kept to himself most of the time. But fate had a different plan for him when he was assigned the task of tutoring Eina, a girl who was the complete opposite of him. Eina had a vibrant personality and was known for her ability to charm people.
Eita agreed to help Eina with her studies, thinking that their connection would end once the exams were over. Little did he know, Eina had a surprise in store for him as a way to thank him for his help. Despite her reputation as an experienced seductress, Eina turned out to be a shy and innocent girl who had never experienced love before.
Episode 2 : Anri, a classmate known for her tough demeanor, also happens to work as a maid for another student. One day, they accidentally stumble upon Anri pleasuring herself on the student’s bed, sparking unexpected intimacy. Despite their initial conflicts, a strong love grows between them, leading them on a journey of lewd exploration.
Episode 3 : Anri and Takaya take their master-maid relationship to the next level. Anri, the devoted slave, feels pure happiness after their first intimate encounter. She prepares a meal, her heart overflowing with joy. Takaya, the conflicted master, struggles to express his true feelings to Anri. He doesn’t want her to be sad, so he makes a big decision. He confesses, “Let’s have a baby.” This leads to an intense and passionate moment of insemination, where they experience the thrill of cumming together for the first time.
Episode 4 : Juri is a genius-like student who always comes in first place in exams, while Teijin finds himself settling for second place time and time again. Determined to surpass Juri one day, Teijin devotes himself to studying harder than ever before. However, Juri takes pleasure in playing mischievous pranks on Teijin. Unable to resist Juri’s teasing, Teijin finds himself getting aroused and even engaging in segs acts with her.

Title: OVA Hatsukoi Jikan. Japanese: OVA 初恋時間。 Type: TV Status: Ongoing Episode: 4 Episode Aired: Nov 24, 2023 Studios: Trex Duration: 16 min. Score: 9.2

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