Archieve For Blonde

  • So_low ~Futago Shimai to Kateikyoushi~

    Kasumi and Mitsuki are twin sisters with a history of causing trouble for their home tutors. The MC is the latest tutor hired to help them, even though the sisters…

    TV 7.6
  • Seijou no Micchaku Chiryou

    This hentai is a binaural ASMR video that will make your ears and chin-chin tingle in excitement. a knight badly injured and suffering from the monster’s poison. He wanders aimlessly…

    Movie 8.6
  • Rakuen Shinshoku – Island of the Dead

    This anime adaptation of a visual novel is a thrilling tale of survival from a lewd creature. The story revolves around a group of vacationers who find themselves stranded on…

    TV 8.4
  • Tsurupeta Shugo Kishi Elfina Ochiru

    The honorable knight Elfina strives to protect the kingdom and the princess from harm, but the kingdom of elves falls into the hands of hostile humans. The leader of the…

    TV 8.2
  • Mythra and Pyra

    Mythra and Pyra, the formidable and renowned Aegis sisters, decided to take a much-needed break from their heroic duties and spend some quality time together at a bar in the…

    Movie 8.7
  • Class de Otoko wa Boku Hitori!?

    Machida is the only guy in the school. It was all started after his parents decided to move his school to the current one. His classmates are rather defenseless because…

    TV 8.9
  • North Carolina Animation

    A parody of the mobile game Azur Lane features the character North Carolina as a submissive and obedient ship waifu who is willing to follow any orders given to her….

    Movie 8.0
  • Imouto wa Gal Kawaii

    This series is based on light novel of the same name. The main heroine, Rhino, is a cheerful gal who gets along with everyone. She also known as a madonna…

    TV 9.2
  • Shigure Ui – Loveho Date Hen Full Version

    If you’re not good at flirting, you’ll get greedy. A 5 minute video of a cute blonde girl having sex on the love hotel with her classmate. The content of…

    Movie 9.0
  • The Cafe Maid Pomanya

    This is another episode of “The Cafe Maid” series from Blue Demon World Author. Previously, you went to a succubus maid cafe “Succulk” and met a succubus with clear blue…

    Movie 8.3
  • Boku ni Sexfriend ga Dekita Riyuu

    Mc have a beautiful and sexy neighbor, her name is Hitomi. Mc was having trouble talking to her because of her perfect figure. Mc have been jerked off many times…

    TV 8.8
  • Papa Katsu Kanojo – Ria Kisaragi & Ran Hoshizuki – CG

    Im just an ordinary business man who fighting for the life of my family, but somehow i am unwanted by my own family. Both my wife and my daughter hated…

    Movie 8.3
  • Futsuma Shoujo Charlotte CG

    Mizuki Konoe, who usually lives as normal student life, had a secret identity. Once school ends, she calls herself Charlotte Catherine Krue, the nun who slays demons and the devil…

    Movie 8.6
  • Ima Made de Ichiban Yokatta Sex The Animation

    Ep1. Mc is hero who went to demon lord’s castle to slain the demon king. But when he wander around the castle, he got lost in the treasure room. In…

    TV 9.1
  • Otome wa Boku ni Koi Shiteru – Trinkle Stars The Animation

    Upcoming Anime. Our mc, Hisoka, is an orphan who was raised by his mother’s friend, Yukitaka, who’s also the owner of worldwide Jinsei Corporation. Hisoka grew up as an adopted…

    TV 9,0
  • Kyonyuu Onna Senshi Dogeza Saimin

    There was a colosseum where the world’s strongest warrior compete for the first place, Our mc is placed at the bottom of ranking in the battle arena because he was…

    TV 8.3

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